Regenerative Medicine


Platelet Rich Plasma

Regenerative medicine involves the use of the body’s own cells to enhance healing and to accelerate the regeneration of injured tissues.
This includes cells that are present naturally either in the bone marrow, peripheral blood or fat tissue.
Stem cells and platelets (concentrated into PRP or platelet rich plasma) are the two most potent healing and regenerative factors present.

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“Stem Cell” Therapies

Healing after an injury involves a very complex but specific sequence of events that requires various cells, proteins and growth factors all working together.

Stem cells, also known as MSC’s, possess the ability to differentiate into other types of cells in the appropriate environment.
Similarly, platelets, which are present in the bloodstream, contain many of the necessary growth proteins which help stimulate and regulate the healing process.
By using these natural products directly at the site of injury, the body can promote faster healing and recovery.

Regenerative medicine therapies can be utilized for various painful conditions. It can also be used as a post-op recovery tool to enhance healing.

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To achieve optimal results, all procedures are performed on the same day. Depending on the specific option chosen, your procedure may be performed either in an office setting or in an ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center). Your doctor will obtain the samples needed and then process it to obtain the final product. Once the concentrated and purified end-product is achieved, it is then carefully injected into the site of injury. Usually a short rest period of 10-14 days is advised.

Regenerative medicine options are a safe, effective and natural alternative to other therapies such as medications or injections and sometimes even surgery.
Side effects are rare and there is no risk of rejection or disease transmission as these are your body’s own natural products. Occasionally, a mild amount of irritation or soreness may occur for a few days after the procedure.

Results can vary, but overall, many patients have found great success and significant improvement in pain and function.

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